The Confucius Project
The First Spiritual Electro Funk Album
Episode one

The First Episode of a Spiritual & Musical Electro Funk Experience

The Confucius Project is a musical, spiritual and deep philosophical inspiration. It's the result of many years of thinking, which have brought me as a producer to achieve what I believe to be a New harmonious album. To summarize, here is the object: is it possible to think while dancing? Why dance music still have gaps in their words and especially their messages? And why all informative, thoughtful and serious lyrics are they often accompanied by tedious, dark or boring music? Is it not possible to reconcile the two things?

This is exactly - I hope with all my heart - the aim of this First Episode of the Confucius Project. Regarding the messages this album vehicle, I leave each one to make his own opinion, but still available to those who wish to be discussed.
Peace, Brain & Music.
Milfa7 aka M7

The Music

Funk is dead again

The Artists

The Episode One Team



Milfa7 aka M7.

Instigator, Writer, Composer & Producer of The Confucius Project

Zara Dori

Writer, Composer, Singer, Actress. Performer on Release the pressure


Composer, Singer, Actor, Trombone Player. Performer on Invisible

Flo Caliken

Writer, Composer, Singer, Musician. Performer on Move on.

Eyms Heaven

Composer, Singer, Drummer. Performer on Have Fun and Summer Love and Never Know.

Tomas Regny - Aka Working Title

Composer, Multi-instrumentalist. Keyborads and Talkbox on Never Know.

Amos Walden

Composer, Actor, Piano Player. Piano on Have Fun.

Mickael Cannarella

Composer, Guitar player. Guitars on Have Fun, Release the pressure and Move On.

Guillaume aka Guido

Composer, Bass player. Slap Bass on Invisible.


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